Brainwave Entrainment with the Holosync Solution

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According to more many websites and at least one reliable online source the Holosync Solution is one of the best brain entrainment options for you if you want to enter a deeply meditative state. It can help in reducing the stress from your life. I, here, review this product to help you better understand why this type of brainwave entrainment program is the perfect solution for you if you want to experience some profound personal growth.

What can holosync do for you?

This product claims to be able to help you achieve a deep state of meditation.

holosync prologueSome of the objectives which this product helps you achieve include:

• It helps you enter the meditation which can last for hours.

• It helps you in releasing endorphins in your brain which can reduce aging.

• It can help you stay calm and composed which will help you reduce emotional traits like anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

• It can help you enhance your memory as well as creative power. It can increase your focus and concentration.

• It helps you reduce anxiety attacks and ailments like ADHD.

• It can also help you in leading a relaxed life. It helps you attain relaxed sleep.

As you can see the benefits which you will be able to get from this product are immense.


Holosync uses binaural beats

This is the reason why if you really want to gain benefits from using binaural beats, and the brainwave entrainment, such recordings create it is important to use this product consistently.

With the help of this program, you will be able to broaden your emotional horizon. You can easily eliminate the dysfunctional feelings as well as behavior.

holosyncThis will not only help you improve your cognitive power but also help you physically which will, in turn, help you lead a relaxed lifestyle.

With the help of this product, you will be able to completely eliminate the learning curve from the usage of binaural beats. You will no longer have to opt for trial and error methods.

This product will guide you exactly how to use binaural methods to your advantage. Moreover, it has been used by thousands of people all over the world with positive results.

The product also helps you in understanding which type of binaural beat is perfect for you and how to use it to your advantage.

Moreover, it comes along with audio tracks which ensure that you are able to use these tracks to induce the emotional state which you want.

What you get with Holosync

You will be able to get multiple resources related to brainwave entrainment like:

  • Carefully designed binaural beats soundtracks
  • E-book
  • A guide to staying happy and healthy
  • Private coaching
  • Bi-weekly support
  • A report on the other neurotechnologies

As a result, each and everything which you need in order to use brainwave entrainment successfully is available in this product which makes it easier for you to not only meditate but lead a happy and relaxed life.

With the help of coaching and support provided, you will be able to clear all your doubts and queries.

Thus, instead of struggling with binaural beats in brainwave entrainment, it is a much better idea to use this product which has all the resources readily available to you.

You will be able to directly start with brainwave entrainment as the holosync binaural beats audio tracks are included in the product.


Holosync YouTube Video

How Brainwave Entrainment Works via Binaural Beats

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Binaural beats are the sounds which are generated due to the difference in frequency detection by the left ear and the right ear. This sound is ideally the same but it is interpreted differently by the right ear as well as the left ear. Also, in order to generate these beats, the frequency of the sound should be less than 1000 Hz.


What are binaural beats?

Binaural beats are much more than just another sound. Certain beats and frequencies can induce certain specific states in our brain.

how binaural beats work to entrain brainwavesThat is why binaural beat therapy uses these beats to help you relax or sleep in order to focus.

These functions are achieved by generating the beats at specific frequencies.

If you are puzzled with questions like do binaural beats work or what are binaural beats, and what can binaural beats do for me then you will be able to get all of these answers in this post.


How do binaural beats work?

According to a binaural beats study, these beats can actually activate certain specific parts of our brain. []

This results in the activating different stages of brain activity. According to the frequency of the beats, different levels of brain activity can be induced.

There are different types of binaural beats for activating different brainwave states that include:

  • Gamma
  • Beta
  • Alpha
  • Theta
  • Delta

As long as you are able to use the right kind of beats, you would be able to prepare your mind for the activity which you are trying to accomplish. When it comes to the frequency patterns to induce these activities, they can be divided into 4 types which are:

different brainwave states

• Delta pattern: The frequencies of these beats are between 0.1 Hz to 4 Hz. They are associated with relaxed sleep.

• Theta pattern: The frequencies of these beats are between 4 Hz to 8 Hz and are associated with meditation, REM sleep phase, and even creativity.

• Alpha pattern: The beats associated with this pattern are between 8 Hz to 13 Hz. They are used to induce relaxation.

• Beta pattern: The frequencies associated with these beats are in the range of 14 Hz to 100 Hz.

They promote higher focusing power as well as concentration. It is better to, however, use this pattern near the lower end of the frequency range as the higher end of the range can increase anxiety.


The binaural beat therapy uses either a single one of these beat patterns or a combination of these depending on what you’re trying to achieve. In many cases, patients often use this therapy repeatedly in order to get rid of anxiety or in order to relax. It is one of the best therapy options to reduce stress and anxiety in your life.


The benefits of these beats are plenty like:

• Reduction of stress

• Reduced anxiety

• Improving focusing power

• Improving concentration

• Remaining alert for a longer period of time

• Helping you with meditation

• Improving your mood

• Motivating yourself

Thus, if you’re looking to make yourself more efficient and relaxed at the same point in time, these beats are the perfect option for you.

If you just want to try out binaural beats you can listen to YouTube videos. There are quite a few videos on YouTube which can help you experience binaural beats.

You can also try self improvement programs such as holosync.

It would be a good idea to do so after consulting your therapist.