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Welcome to my humble blog.

My name is Jake and I have been utilizing the power of brainwave entrainment for over half my life (no I’m telling you what age I am but suffice it to say that I’ve been entraining my brain for  more than 20 years).

mindlab mind machine for brainwave entrainmentI started off my journey using a mindlab mind machine that I bought while on holiday from Lifetools in England but after trying many different approaches, including isochronic tones, I learned that the best method and tool for me was binaural beats.

Now, I don’t suggest that binaural beats are the best brainwave entrainment tool. In truth binaural beats are an old technology that dates way back. There are more modern ways to entrain the brain. For me though, it is binaural beats recordings that create the most profound and lasting change. For you it may be a different technology.

Whichever type of brainwave entrainment tool you decide to use to change your life I urge you to try as many different ones as you can.

I hope that my posts and the experiences with brainwave entertainment that I share with you on this website will help you in your own journey.